Northland Fishing Tackle® has brought many innovative, premium quality products to the market. Products fisherman have grown to depend upon to consistently attract more fish to their bait... and trigger them to strike! Panfish killers like the Fire-Fly and Gypsi Jig® , Walleye legends like the propeller bladed Whistler® Jig , rattlin' Buck-Shot® Rattle Jigs Spoons & Beads, sting'n Fire-Ball Jigs®, double barb Lip-Stick Jigs® , soft-bodied Gum-Drop® Floaters , and the adjustable Roach Rigs®. And for bass and pike, the Reed-Runner® Spinnerbait, Jaw-Breaker Spoon and the Rattlin Jungle Jig® are guaranteed to help you catch more and bigger fish! Made in USA.

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