Our process begins, not with the material that is used to make our hard body lures but with the mold process itself. This is the base, the foundation on which we build your lure choice. First, a prototype is constructed and tested by our research team. Refinement in the lure shape and characteristics have, at times, taken years to complete. If, at the end of our field testing, the prototype has met all of the design criteria and has been successful in raising fish to strike, then it moves on to the mold and die room.

The overall shape of the lure and our natural baitfish scale pattern embedded on the inside of the lure, emerge from the molds in two clear parts. One for the front half (head), and one for the back half (tail).

Next, a highly reflective insert is added along with a weighting system. Some lures, the R series, have the added attraction of a sonic fish calling rattle placed inside an echo chamber. The head and tail parts are then joined together.

Artisans use airbrushes and various masks to recreate natural baitfish patterns. Some patterns will require as many as eight separate coats of paint plus an additional final MirrOclear® coat.

Every lipped lure is hand-tuned and tank tested. Anytime you tie on a MirrOlure® Bait, prepare to set new records. After all, our lures are known as The Record Setters.®

Made in USA.

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